CBD Starter Bundle

$204.97 $153.73

Bundle Contents: CBD Oil 500 MG, CBD Cream, Anti Stress Spray

This bundle comes with the essential CBD Oil that works on keeping you fit, the Muscle & Joint CBD Cream for Pain relief which can be used for all kinds of physical pain and CBD Anti-Stress Spray that will calm your anxieties and give you relief from the hectic lifestyle you lead today.

Take all the benefits of CBD by including CBD hemp extract in your routine, consuming sublingually, and topically. CBD oil keeps you fit and free from pain, stress, and anxiety. CBD cream designed for pain relief can be used topically at the point of pain. CBD anti-stress spray can be used sublingually for the best results.

Product Name Individual Price Lab Report
CBD Oil 500 MG $74.99 View Lab report
Muscle & Joint CBD Cream $49.99 View Lab report
Anti-Stress CBD Spray $79.99 View Lab report
Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 7.63 × 3.13 × 2.25 in

Hemp Derived CBD, Melatonin, GABA, Valerian Root Extract, Magnesium Gluconate


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