CBD for Epilepsy

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Have People Used CBD for Epilepsy?

In 2017 alone, 600,000 people have been diagnosed with the neurological condition known as Epilepsy. Numerous studies have been conducted on causes and treatment options, including that of Cannabis. In a specific study on CBD for epileptic children, the CBD treatment reduced the frequency of seizures by an average of 45.1%

The human endocannabinoid system is responsible for the excitement of neural networks that may lead to seizures. CBD targets the receptor CB1 of this endocannabinoid system and modulates its working which in turn proves to be an efficient and reliable option according to our users. With a wide variety of options to explore CBD infused products, including our most popular: our CBD oils. Ranging from 100 Mg of CBD concentration all the way to 1500 Mg, we have a wide variety of strengths to fit many!