CBD Concentrates, The All-Natural Way

CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in the hemp plant. Using pressurized CO2, it’s possible to isolate raw CBD from the rest of the plant material, producing a CBD concentrate with no residual solvents thanks to the gaseous nature of CO2. This raw, pure CBD concentrate can then be infused into various CBD products, like oromucosal sprays and sublingual oils.

CBD concentrates can also be consumed on their own, as crystalline CBD shatter and CBD dab wax. All Natural Way offers only the purest CBD shatter for sale online, thanks to Green Roads’ pharmacist-formulated CBD shatter and dab wax. CBD concentrates are the ideal way to consume a strong dose ofCBD quickly and efficiently.

How to use CBD isolate

Raw CBD products, referred to as isolate, concentrates, shatter, and dab wax, can be consumed in several ways. The most efficient way to use CBD isolates is through vaporization with a water pipe and e-nail. CBD concentrates can also be infused directly into foods and beverages, to create a tasty CBD-infused snack with a customized dose.