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CBD-Infused Coffee and CBD Teas

As a leader in the hemp-derived CBD industry, Green Roads collaborated with an artisan coffee grower in the rustic mountains of Colombia to create an infusion of CBD and coffee like none other. But coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so they also collaborated with a Matcha Green Tea connoisseur based in Japan to create a calming blend of tea with a touch of chamomile and an infusion of CBD, a combination that whisks you away to a peaceful oasis no matter how hectic your days are.

CBD Coffee

In order to create CBD-infused coffee, Green Roads soaks fresh beans sourced from high in the Andes, at an altitude that leaves the coffee beans just porous enough to retain the flavonoids that give coffee its medicinal benefits that humans have relied on for millennia. Conveniently, this also allows the coffee to absorb CBD in the form of finely pulverised crystals of pure CBD isolate, which is a lipophilic substance. This means it quickly incorporates into the lipophilic oils of the coffee bean, locking the calming CBD and the stimulating caffeine in a harmony that will give your mornings a boost without the jitters.


Tea is known widely as a therapeutic beverage, containing hundreds of phytochemicals and terpenes that interact with biological receptors to promote homeostasis in our body systems and a sense of calm in our minds. By combining the subtle therapeutic effects of tea with the known effects of CBD on our endocannabinoid system, Green Roads captured an ideal fusion of flavor and relief. CBD teas are the perfect end to any day started with a cup of CBD Coffee!