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A CBD starter kit is the perfect launching point for your CBD journey. Whether it’s your first time trying CBD supplements, or if you’re looking to try a few new products, be sure to pick up one of these CBD bundles. The Feeling Blue bundle gives you a great opportunity to try nature’s approach to wellness with CBD and Terpene sublingual products. Terpenes are natural organic compounds that are found in nearly every living thing, including the hemp plant where we obtain our CBD. Blueberry OG terpene oils are an excellent starting point as the CBD content is lower in these sublingual tinctures. With this bundle, you’ll get the opportunity to compare these terpenes to our 250mg CBD oil.

If you’re looking for a more innovative way to enjoy your CBD then check out our Yin & Yang bundle. We’re proud to offer our CBD Coffee and CBD tea in this special starter kit. These products are easy to integrate into your day. You can simply enjoy the coffee as you would with any normal cup o’ joe. If tea is more your speed then relax with a steaming cup in hand and enjoy a smooth dose of CBD. At All Natural Way, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our products accessible to everyone, and to make your daily CBD regimen as pleasant as possible.


CBD oils are easily utilized by first-timers. The Feeling Blue bundle contains a 250 mg bottle of our sublingual CBD tincture as well as a bottle of CBD Blueberry OG terpenes. The 250mg CBD oil is meant to deliver 17 mg of CBD per ml of oil. This 1 ml measurement is meant to be a guide for you when taking your dose. You can easily take half of this amount, or less, to initiate your CBD routine. The Blueberry OG CBD Terps contain 100mg of CBD per bottle and 7 mg of CBD per ml. This dose is perfectly complemented by the delicious terpene infusion in the mixture. Taking CBD oil for beginners means dosing in a responsible manner. Start small and build up to see what compliments your lifestyle the most!

The Yin & Yang bundle offers a great way to rev-up or relax your day. The entire bag of our CBD Coffee contains 84 mg of CBD, and our CBD Tea is infused with 55 mg of CBD. The tea uses chamomile, a natural sleep aid and relaxant, as a base. These two products offer a mild amount of CBD making them a convenient way to ease into taking cannabidiol. Whether you’re having a busy day out, or a relaxing day in, the Yin and Yang Starter Pack has got you covered.

These CBD starter kits are an important part of All Natural Way’s product line. Starting a new CBD routine can be easy and enjoyable, especially when you make use of our educational resources. All of our pharmacist-formulated products are tested by a third party lab for peace of mind. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team with any questions, comments, concerns, or just for help starting your CBD regimen the right way!