How does CBD help Alzheimer's?

Not only does Alzheimer’s inhibit its host, but also greatly affects that person’s loved ones. And with more than 5 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s, that makes for millions more affected by this disease. 

If that isn’t impactful enough, this number is expected to triple by the end of 2050. To make it even realer, somebody is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 66 seconds.
By the time you finish reading this article, there could be 9 more diagnoses. Since 2000, deaths caused by heart attacks have decreased by 14%, but the number of deaths caused by Alzheimer’s has increased by 89%. 1 in every 10 people over 65 have Alzheimer’s today.It seems like the importance of Alzheimer’s is going by unnoticed, and as you may know, there is no cure for  this neurodegenerative ailment.But, there are many studies being conducted to find a treatment that may weaken the symptoms. Today, cannabinoids are being studied to treat Alzheimer’s patients. CBD, the non-psychotic cannabinoid extracted from cannabis has shown miraculous results for various mental and physical conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy and more. The studies that highlight CBD’s success with these conditions have opened the doors for more ailments to be treated with CBD. Some Alzheimer’s patients have opted to medicate themselves with CBD infused products to treat the early stages of dementia.

3 Benefits

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Neural inflammation plays a major role in Alzheimer’s development. The inflammation in the neural tissue is a leading issue to the further development of the disease. In a study published in 2009, the endocannabinoid system was observed to regulate inflammation caused by the accumulation of amyloid plaques.
  1. Prevention
  • While Alzheimer’s does not have a cure, prevention is the only cure we know of today. Preventative treatment might slow down the degeneration and accumulation of amyloids. CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it an excellent stimulator of neutral health.
  1. Can potentially stimulate Neurogenesis
    • The formation of new neural tissue is called neurogenesis. But, in the presence of amyloid beta, the Alzheimer’s molecule, neurogenesis is interrupted. Amyloids also promote the destruction of neural tissue through oxidation. In a study on Alzheimer’s in 2011, CBD showed antioxidant properties that not only stopped the degeneration of neural tissue, but also the ability to stimulate neurogenesis.

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