Does CBD Have the Potential to Fight Depression?

When you are searching for the best treatment for depression when nothing else seems to work – or when you are simply looking for more natural depression relief – you may be interested to find that cannabidiol (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis) is proving quite effective as an alternative treatment option.

CBD is Safer than other Drugs Used for Depression

One of the best things about CBD is the fact that it is so very safe to use – unlike THC, CBD does not have any of the effects that are associated with being stoned, while retaining many of the therapeutic qualities of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Cannabidiol actually has no recorded negative side effects, so it is even safe to play with dosages and types of CBD products (CBD oil, edibles, topical creams, etc.). In comparison, the drugs used for depression most often are called SSRIs such as Paxil and other drugs of a similar nature such as Zoloft, Prozac, and Cymbalta. These common drugs used for depression all come with significantly dangerous potential side effects; for example Paxil lists nausea, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, blurred vision and sweating as general side effects – with more severe one’s going as far as numbness/tingling, easy bruising/bleeding, muscle weakness or spasms, seizures and more.

Cannabidiol might be Best Treatment for Depression

Instead of going through months on different medications, waiting to see what will work and what will make you sick while trying to find the best treatment for depression you may want to re-evaluate your options. CBD oil made from hemp is legal – and just as effective as CBD oil extracted from medical marijuana plants. There are studies which are proving that CBD has the potential for fast-acting depression relief. In fact, a study done on mice which were chemically altered so that their brains resembled that of a depressed human’s brain, had the mice injected with CBD and within 30 minutes of the injection the mice were observed to have a noticeable decrease in hyperactivity – which is a symptom observed in humans with anxiety and depression. Considering most drugs used for depression won’t actually be effective for weeks or months of consistent use, 30 minutes to see improvement seems like a miracle.

CBD Oil offers a Natural Option for Depression Relief

No one wants to be stuck to a daily regimen of pharmaceutical pills – long term use of most pharmaceuticals can potentially cause damage to organs, and our bodies seem to easily become dependent on them, making it impossible to simply quit taking them. However, cannabidiol offers a natural option for depression relief, and without the risks to your health or quality of life otherwise. When given the opportunity to find depression relief through a natural treatment that is safer than anything currently being prescribed for depression, can be taken in conjunction with your current medications because cannabidiol has no side effects. There is certainly no harm – and you may find that CBD is the best treatment for depression like so many others have. 

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