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CBD, what has it done against Depression and Anxiety?

When looking for a way to combat anxiety and depression you may find yourself losing hope – and sinking further into the condition – because even with so many medications and treatment options available, for one in three people there is still no relief to be found. In some cases, the medications even cause side effects that are worse than the condition you’re trying to treat!

Luckily there is a growing body of evidence that suggests cannabidiol could be a much safer, and much more effective treatment for both anxiety and depression. The interest in CBD stems from the fact that it holds many of the same medicinal properties as THC without the psychoactive effects that people associate with medical marijuana.

Studies Suggest CBD Can Reduce Fear Memory Reconsolidation

One study suggest that CBD might be able to reduce fear memory reconsolidation – what this means is it reduces the feelings of fear triggered by past events. This could prove extremely beneficial for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which stems from traumatic events and can cause flashbacks, severe social anxiety, depression and many other issues. Researchers believe that the endocannabinoid system plays a large role in mood moderation, which could explain the relationship between CBD and reduced fear triggers.

CBD Could Reduce the Symptoms of SAD

Another study was hoping to find out if CBD could be used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, which they tested on patients diagnosed with SAD (a type of depression that comes around the same time of year, each year, most often during the holidays). They tested their theory by using functional neuroimaging to determine whether or not CBD had an effect based on cerebral blood flow.

The testing was done over two sessions where patients either received a placebo or CBD, in the second session whoever received the placebo then got CBD and vice versa. Their findings were that cannabidiol appeared effective in reducing anxiety related to SAD, and that this was due to the effects the cannabinoid has on certain regions of the brain.

Finding Fast-Acting Relief Could Finally be a Possibility

This study is the one people with depression and anxiety should be the most excited for because it suggests that CBD could be the first fast-acting form of relief for these conditions. While pretty much all pharmaceuticals for these conditions take a matter of weeks to be effective, needing to build up in your system before doing you any good, it appears that CBD might be a much faster solution.

The study involved OBX mice, which are surgically modified to display symptoms of depression. The mice were injected with CBD and around half an hour later they were no longer exhibiting symptoms of hyperactivity, which is a common symptom of depression and anxiety in humans. This led the researchers to believe that cannabidiol could actually be a form of fast-acting relief for those suffering from anxiety and depression.  

While these studies are mostly small this is only due to the difficulty in being able to research medical marijuana under the current prohibition of the plant. However, with each study coming to very similar findings – and all looking extremely positive – more patients are turning to CBD to treat their anxiety and depression than ever before.

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