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4 Ways CBD Can Help Ease Your Chronic Pain

Pain can take many forms, it can be stabbing, aching or throbbing; and pain can have a number of different underlying causes like cancer treatment, MS, or arthritis. No matter what causes your chronic pain, your only goal is to find a combination of treatments that are able to provide you real relief, but oftentimes this is a combination of drugs that can cause you other health problems in the long term with on-going use.

Luckily, with the growing acceptance of holistic and natural medicine, there has been more focus than ever on determining whether medical marijuana is a safe treatment for those suffering from chronic pain. These studies have led researchers to determine that not only psychoactive medical marijuana, but also CBD derived from hemp plants, may be an effective natural treatment for chronic pain.

Anti-Inflammatory can Reduce Swelling that causes Pain

CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may be a significant factor in its ability to reduce pain. Swelling from inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain in conditions like arthritis, so by introducing an anti-inflammatory agent like CBD hemp oil, you are helping to treat the source of the pain, rather than simply block it.

Analgesic Properties Make CBD a Natural Painkiller

However, CBD has also shown success as a painkiller. It appears to have natural analgesic properties that make it a perfect treatment for people suffering from chronic pain. By introducing cannabidiol into your body, there is a chance that you will simultaneously reduce your pain, and the causal inflammation behind it. There are a number of studies that all show cannabidiol's potential to reduce pain, including neuropathic pain, pain related to cancer and chemotherapy.

Shows Signs of Being an Effective Muscle Relaxant

Another benefit of CBD for chronic pain is its potential as a muscle relaxant, which is especially useful for patients whose chronic pain is caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis and MS among other conditions. CBD's potential as a muscle relaxant can make it easier to move stiff or aching muscles, which will in turn make things like exercise, which can greatly improve the condition of chronic pain sufferers, possible again.

CBD Promotes Restful Sleep which Enhances Healing

Lastly, if you’re looking for ways to help reduce the amount of pain you are in, one of the best things you can do for yourself is get an adequate amount of sleep. Unfortunately, for many chronic pain sufferers, quality sleep is hard to come by. Pain and muscle spasms among other issues can contribute to insomnia, which is common in those with chronic pain. Studies have shown that CBD is able to improve the quality of your sleep, among all the previously mentioned benefits that will help you sleep better.

While CBD may not be a “cure all” for chronic pain sufferers, it might greatly reduce the number of medicines and therapies used as a treatment to manage chronic pain. When one naturally occurring cannabinoid is able to reduce inflammation and sensation of pain, relax muscles and improve the quality of sleep, it’s no wonder that patients using CBD have found they rely less on prescription medications to make it through each day comfortably.

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