Why Do Doctors Hesitate To Prescribe CBD Hemp Products?

Why do doctors hesitate to prescribe CBD Hemp Products

CBD has shown to have great medicinal properties. But, even today, after the legalization of CBD, doctors hesitate to prescribe the hemp products to their patients. In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few reasons why this might be happening and how you can ask your doctor about adding CBD into your routine.

The major reason doctors hesitate to prescribe CBD to their patients is the lack of backing from scientific research. These are mainly:

  • Lack of scientific data and clinical trials
  • Lack of clarity on the side effects
  • Lack of predictable outcome or effect of CBD

Cannabis is categorized as a Schedule I drug by the Controlled Substance Act(CSA). This makes physicians in a position to avoid prescribing CBD or medical marijuana to their patients. It is a tough situation risking their title for a patient when it comes to a cure that lacks thorough medical research.

Scientific research on CBD is still in its early stages. This means an unclear answer to the possible effects, side effects, and results from using CBD in humans. Physicians are doubtful about prescribing CBD to their patients for these reasons. Lack of clinical trials and studies of long-term effects account for this problem.

Even though CBD was shown to have no harmful side effects, there are not many studies to back this claim. Also, there have been reports with nausea, diarrhea from the patients in some cases. But, in the majority of those cases, the patients were undergoing traditional treatments for their medical conditions and CBD was used as an add-on to their routine. Therefore, it is not clear whether the side effects were because of CBD, or the traditional medicines, or a combination of both.

Talking about scientific studies and medical research on marijuana, there are constraints there too. Getting funding for research in this area and getting good quality products for conducting studies are a few of the challenges when it comes to medical marijuana. These problems also delay scientific studies on medical marijuana.

Reports on different stages of clinical studies and on long term effects are going to take years to complete. The completion of these studies may be necessary to include the endocannabinoid system in the medical college curriculum.

With the huge delay from academic research on medical marijuana, companies have started conducting tests using private laboratories. Today, there are many licensed suppliers of CBD and CBD products available in the market. So, if you are planning to switch to CBD or include CBD for your chronic pain or any other medical conditions, it is important for your physician to be aware of that.

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Here are some helpful points to discuss with your doctor if you are planning to incorporate CBD into your medicinal routine.

How Can You Ask Your Doctor About CBD?

CBD has been considered as the wonder drug that cures many diseases. So, before going to your doctor demanding a recommendation for CBD, you need to be aware of the basics and how CBD works, and the possible outcomes. You can collect information from the articles, friends or family having experiences with CBD. Once you are to discuss with your physician, try these points for an opening:

  • State your discomfort and problems with the current medication
  • Tell them about what you read about CBD and your plan to try it
  • Discuss a friend’s experience with CBD with your doctor
  • Ask your doctor if it is alright to have CBD along with the ongoing medication

Once you have your intentions mentioned to your doctor, ask how you can follow a dose regime for reducing current medication, if that is necessary.

Doctors need not prescribe for you to avail CBD from the medical marijuana dispensaries, but you need a doctor’s recommendation. Again, this complies with the laws of the state you are living.

In conclusion to this blog post, make sure you are consulting with your doctor about your decision to start with CBD. There are more studies needed for your doctor to be completely confident about CBD. But, this should not be a reason for you to drop your current mediation suddenly. Refer to your doctor’s recommendations in reducing the current medication and incorporating CBD to your routine.

It is important to monitor your health condition even after you start taking CBD, so don’t take the medication completely into your hands. Finally, choose a good quality product that suits your medical condition.

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