Where to Buy CBD Oil for Depression


Despite being one of the most common mental health disorders in the world, depression does not always get the attention it warrants. Public awareness surrounding depressive disorders has increased in the last few years, but there is still much progress to be made before a safe and effective treatment is made available to all in need.

Currently, most treatments for mental health disorders include antidepressants which are generally effective but can have harmful side effects. Antidepressants can lead to weight gain, loss of libido, and even addiction among other things. Fortunately, people have discovered a natural and safe alternative to antidepressants that can deliver the same benefits as antidepressants without any detrimental side effects.

A New Natural Alternative

As the popularity of CBD continues to grow,  more people are turning to this hemp-derived supplement for mental health disorders including depression. Using CBD for depression is gaining momentum nationwide with personal anecdotes and scientific research supporting its use for mental health disorders.

How CBD Helps With Depression

CBD interacts with receptors in the nervous system responsible for modulating levels of happiness and calmness. A daily dose of CBD can keep a healthy balance of Anandamide which is a compound produced naturally by the body believed to have a positive impact on our mental health.

There is also evidence that CBD activates serotonin receptors in the central nervous system. Serotonin receptors regulate anxiety and mood thus having a direct influence on our mental health. In fact, serotonin receptors are often the primary target of antidepressants and other drugs proving exactly how important these receptors are to our mental health.

Where to Buy CBD for Depression

Most dispensaries and wellness shops now offer CBD products; however, their assortments are often limited. CBD products in most shops usually include CBD oils and edibles in low to moderate dosages. If you are new to CBD, these products can be an excellent introductory option. However, when it comes to CBD for depression, products like CBD sprays may prove to be more effective in the long run.

Where to Buy CBD Spray

Unlike oils or other CBD products, CBD sprays are specially designed to help users with specific conditions. CBD sprays are not commonly found in physical stores, but they can easily be bought online with most brands shipping nationwide. These sprays combine the natural therapeutic properties of CBD with natural supplements like ashwagandha which is widely used as a natural antidepressant on its own. For example, All Natural Way’s Anti-Stress spray contains pure CBD extracts, ashwagandha, and coconut oil offering a completely natural way to help with the symptoms of depression. All Natural Way even offers free CBD samples on their website so you can try their products before you buy them. Like the entire All Natural Way product line, these free CBD samples are formulated by licensed pharmacists and contain no THC.

More Alternatives

CBD sprays and oils may offer a safer alternative to treat depression, but they are not a miracle cure. Those suffering from symptoms associated with depression should always consult with a doctor if possible, as they can recommend other types of treatment to supplement their CBD intake. Depression is a serious condition that should not go untreated, and no patient should have to go through it alone.

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