What Dose of CBD Should I Take?

CBD Dosage

How to Determine the Right CBD Dosage for You

While most CBD brands usually provide a recommended serving size for their products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not created an official Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD. As a result, there is no formal suggested serving size for CBD which is why some of the most frequently asked questions among users are “How much CBD should I take?” and “What’s the best CBD tincture dosage?”.

Even though the FDA has not established an official serving size for CBD, various proven methods can help you determine the CBD dosage. Whether you are a new or experienced user, here are some guidelines you should be following when deciding how much CBD to take:

Body Weight

As with most substances, body mass plays a significant role in determining the right dosage and CBD is no exception. It is recommended that most adults take at least 10 MG once or twice daily depending on an individual’s level of physical or mental discomfort. However, individuals with more body mass may need to double that amount to experience the full effects of CBD.

The Severity of Your Condition

While most people only need to take CBD once daily, those suffering from severe pain or other debilitating conditions may require two or more doses per day. For example, a person suffering from severe back pain will need a stronger dose than someone with a mild headache.


Tolerance level has a major effect on the amount of CBD your body needs. If you are an experienced CBD user, you may have developed a tolerance to smaller doses of CBD. With that being said, once you have developed a tolerance, it can take months or even years for your tolerance levels to change again.

If you are a new user, the best way to find your perfect dose of CBD is to start small and monitor your body’s reactions for a couple of days. If you feel small doses of CBD are not providing the relief you need, gradually increase the amount of CBD you take per day until you find the dosage that works best for you.

Choose a Brand You Can Trust

There are currently dozens of CBD brands out there; however, not all of them are the same. Look for a brand you can trust like All Natural Way which uses the purest CBD available on the market and offers products in a wide range of dosages. Industry experts with years of experience have formulated All Natural Way products, and they are lab tested to ensure that every detail on the labels including recommended serving size and nutritional facts is 100% well-founded and accurate.


Finding the right CBD dosage is crucial to benefit from its medicinal effects fully. Too little CBD may not have the desired effect, while too much CBD can make you feel drowsy and lethargic. The correct dosage will maximize the effects of CBD and eliminate waste thus saving you money in the process.

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