What Are The Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD?

What Are The Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD?

There are lot of things in life which don’t come with a wholesome benefit, but with some traces of side effects too. What do you do in scenarios like these? Choose the option which has the maximum benefit and minimal drawbacks. Full spectrum CBD is a method of extraction where the composition contains every bit of the hemp plant to give a better relief. The essence of the whole plant stays in a bottle.

Would you settle for less when you know you deserve the best? Well, AllWithNature won’t let you!

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

If you are wounded, you would buy an antiseptic cream, bandage, spirit and anything that will make you feel better. Similarly, full spectrum CBD is the whole package.

As the name suggests, full spectrum CBD consists everything the plant has to offer. Terpenes, fatty acids, cannabinoids, flavonoids etc is present in rich quantity in this extract. It is different from isolate and broad spectrum in multiple ways that you can check here.

Full spectrum CBD comes closest to resembling the actual plant if the process of extraction is authentic.

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Contain?

Since the whole plant is used to form the full spectrum CBD, it is imperative to know what are these added flavours:

  1. Terpenes: The distinct scent of the plant comes from the chemicals called terpenes. They work exceedingly well with cannabinoids that help in the recovery of the body.
  2. Cannabinoids: The two main cannabinoids we know are CBD and THC which are heavily present in the hemp plant. There is a stronger concentration of CBD while THC is barely there. This is advantageous as THC is responsible for the psychoactive reactions in our brain hence low THC doesn’t invoke that. The cannabinoids which are present and also contribute in recovery are – CBG, CBN and CBC.
  3. Flavonoids: They also show many health benefits such as potential antioxidant properties and reduction in vascular problems.

The Entourage Effect

Full spectrum CBD is the most natural replication of the hemp plant and so it consists of all the cannabinoids required to produce “The Entourage Effect”. This effect has such a strong intensity that maximum therapeutic benefit can be achieved for recovery from full spectrum CBD. Why only benefit from one cannabinoid when you get to have all the benefits of the plant?

What Are Full Spectrum CBD Benefits?

CBD Oil would be a great option if you are considering to use CBD for medical purposes. It is easier to ascertain the dosage with the oil tincture. AllWithNature sells only full spectrum CBD Oil to ensure quality and effect.

Full spectrum CBD is the most popular form of CBD, and here are the reasons why:

  • Nutrients The cumulative compounds of full spectrum CBD are a great source of nutrition if you are particularly lacking proteins or nutrients. They are great for nourishment too.
  • Legal – Hemp plant with 0.03% of THC is legal and full spectrum CBD also contains only this miniscule amount of THC in it. It won’t be a problem unless your state has different laws.
  • Potent – Since full spectrum CBD comprises of more cannabinoids than other forms, it is the most potent form of CBD. It would be a good value for your money.
  • Anxiety – The tiny presence of THC is just enough to have a positive effect on your body by calming extreme anxiety. Full spectrum CBD comes with just the right amount to help counter anxiety.
  • Inflammation – CBD is mostly known for the pain relief option it provides. Full spectrum CBD’s therapeutic effect will ease the pain faster than any other form of CBD.
  • Other effects – It has all the essential fatty acids and terpenes which can help in the cure of multiple diseases – epilepsy, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s etc.

Everything good comes with a pinch of salt and thus, the drawback to CBD is the drug test. Since it consists of a small % of THC, there are chances of it showing in the drug test which can put you in a legal situation.

Research thoroughly and only choose the brand you can completely trust.

Broad spectrum and isolate CBD may not be a bad option but they don’t give all the possible rewards that the hemp plant has to offer. Full spectrum CBD is on the expensive side but that guarantees its effect, quality and authenticity. It is the more popular and more safe option if you decide to use CBD. Whatever your choice, All Natural Way is always there.

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