The Farm Bill Of 2018 Opens Gates For CBD

The Farm Bill Of 2018 Opens Gates For CBD

Decades ago, Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 stated that the possession of cannabis would be a punishable offense. By 1960s, cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 Drug (Extremely dangerous drugs) under the Controlled Substances Act.

The cannabis sativa plant however has two sub categories- hemp and marijuana.

Hemp is known to contain only 0.03% of THC (the component responsible for psychoactive properties) yet it was banned under this law.

After so many years in jail, hemp came out victorious with the 2014 Farm Bill Act and now, the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

What Was The Farm Bill Act Of 2014?

In simplest terms, it legalized the cultivation of “industrial hemp” without a permit from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Section 7606 OF 2014 Farm Bill protected the farmers under the hemp research pilot program which allowed them to cultivate cannabis that would not contain more than 0.03% of THC. Farmers who cultivated hemp were expected to meet all the requirements of their respective state department of agriculture.

Twist in the tale, the farm bill expired on September 30th before the new bill was framed. A lot of speculation and uncertainty followed for the month afterwards until the Farm Bill of 2018 was officially passed by the Congress on December 12th.

The Farm Bill Of 2018’S Effect On HEMP

As explained in this Article by Brookings, the new Farm Bill expands on the previous one with a wider set of regulations. There are 3 major changes:

  1. Hemp cultivation is allowed broadly and not just for research purposes or pilot programs.
  2. It bluntly allows the transfer of hemp-derived products between states for commercial and any other purposes.
  3. The restriction on the sale, transfer and possession of hemp-derived products has been uplifted. People are only expected to work with the law to justify their association with hemp.

Apart from these changes, the rule of only 0.03% THC strongly applies to all these products and the farmers will have to abide by their respective state regulatory system. This bill also highlights what practices or activities come under violations and what would be their possible punishments or consequences.

Who are the major benefactors in this scenario? – hemp farmers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. A hemp farmer will now receive the same treatment as a vegetable farmer.

A view of our own lush green hemp farms

Where Does CBD Stand In This Equation?

As the headline of this Forbes article suggests, CBD companies need to gear up for a wide and legal market. There might be an expected price cut in CBD Products derived from the hemp plant because that is easier to grow compared to cannabis.

However, not all states have legalized hemp or cannabis so you still have to ascertain what law exists in your state.

The United States has opened up possibilities to kick start the hemp oil industry and CBD oil medical industry. CBD Oil has proved to be beneficial in a lot of treatment procedures such as epilepsy, anxiety, stress, inflammatory disorders etc. Advancement in thoughts and actions leads to a prosperous and healthy State!

With more freedom in hand, go ahead and pick your CBD product from our range of CBD Oils, CBD Sprays, and the CBD Cream. You must take action before it’s too late.

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