The Benefits of CBD for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

cbd for pets

Many people are aware of CBD and how it is helping millions of Americans with a wide range of health conditions, but did you know the benefits of CBD can also help your pets? In fact, some of the major CBD brands, like All Natural Way, are adding CBD products specially formulated for pets to their product assortments.

Here’s why so many pet owners nationwide are ditching medicinal products full of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals in favor of naturally-sourced CBD:

CBD Relieves Anxiety

By interacting with ECS receptors in their nervous system, CBD can help regulate elevated levels of anxiety in pets. A large fraction of owners who purchase CBD for pets uses it to treat anxiety and stress affecting their furry friends.

It is true–dogs, cats, and all other house pets can suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans! While it may be hard to tell if your dog or cat is suffering from anxiety, it is critical that you identify the signs as prolonged periods of stress can have detrimental effects on your pet’s long-term mental health. Signs your pet is in an anxious or stressed state include excessive chewing, shredding, fearful behavior, and urinating indoors.

CBD Reduces Pain

Pain in pets is more common than you may think. Dogs and cats can suffer from chronic pain as a result of injury, blunt trauma, degenerative diseases, or as a result of surgery or other medical treatments. Age also plays an important role, as pain is usually much more common in older dogs and cats.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are incredibly effective in alleviating physical aches and pains. CBD reduces inflammation in receptors responsible for regulating pain sensation providing relief to your pets so they can continue doing the things they enjoy like playing with their favorite toys or going on long walks.

CBD May Treat Seizures

Even though seizures are fairly common in house pets, seizure disorders such as epilepsy may be hard to identify. In their mildest forms, seizures can cause confusion and minor twitching that lasts for seconds. More severe seizures can cause uncontrollable shaking and can last up to several minutes.

There has long been speculation that CBD may help dogs and cats suffering from chronic seizures. The evidence supporting CBD for seizures is so compelling the FDA recently approved its first CBD-based medication, Epidiolex, which is aimed at preventing epileptic episodes. While this FDA-approved medication is meant for human consumption, it is a promising sign that CBD could soon be prescribed by vets to treat seizure disorders in pets.

All Natural CBD for Cats and Dogs

All Natural Way’s line of CBD pet products has been formulated with your dogs and cats in mind. Our oils are made with pure CBD extract and artic krill oil which contains inflammation fighting omega-3 fats and antioxidants. For more information on what makes our products the best CBD for dogs and cats, click here.

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