How to talk to your doctor about Cannabis or CBD oil

Doctor for Cannabis

Let’s not assume we are doctors because let’s face it- we don’t have a medical degree. Consult your doctor before you start consuming cannabis as they do have a medical prowess.

The legalisation of marijuana, mainly CBD, has set the medical industry drawing different parallels. It has proved to be an effective relief solution for so many ailments that it can almost qualify as a medical marvel. There have been numerous studies and research  materials by the NCBI and other institutions that have made the impact of CBD more profound.

However, before you start self dosing, you need to do the most important thing- Consult a Doctor.

Why is it important to talk to your Doctor about CBD

The growing popularity of CBD has made information about its medicinal properties publicly available rather than just scientific studies. Today, anyone can easily access information regarding any subject they want even if they are not specialised in it. Nevertheless, with medication, you must see a doctor.

A doctor’s advice and opinion matter a lot especially when you are ingesting something into your body. Cannabis is a plant and a natural substance yet it has a chemical reaction in our body and an effect on the functioning of other organs.

If you are keeping your doctor in loop of consuming CBD, it will help you with monitoring:

Side Effects

Since there is no heavy claim that proves CBD can cure your problem, it is better to have a doctor by you side to monitor if there are any side effects. Their tools and expertise will help you in case there is a problem.


Since your doctor is aware of your existing allergies, he will be able to guide you better. Medical cannabis is new to your body and you don’t know how it will interact with your system. Your doctor will be able to distinguish between an allergy that is caused by CBD and one that isn’t.

Reaction to other medicines

Most importantly, if you are already on some medication, you MUST tell your doctor that you are planning to use CBD. Since it has an interaction with your body, there is no definite answer as to how it will react with other medicines. Your doctor will be able to tell you what effect it could have and you can adjust it in your diet accordingly.

How Should You Talk to your Doctor about CBD

This depends on how progressive and research savvy your doctor happens to be. If you find a doctor that isn’t ready to understand CBD despite you trying to have a conversation about the research, he isn’t worth your time. We are not saying that CBD is the answer to all your problems, we are only saying that your discussion with the doctor should be a healthy one.

Before the Appointment

Be Sure

Before you bombard the doctor with questions about how you should go about you, you need to be extremely sure that this is what you want to do. It is your body and the decision to take any medication or natural component is up to you. Only if you are convinced yourself should you approach your doctor.


Thorough research and analysis about CBD should be done by you so you have all your facts in place. Carry all the statistics and opinions with you when you visit the doctor to show them what has convinced you to shift to CBD Oil from your existing prescriptions.

Be proactive about finding enough material to support your stance so the doctor knows that you are really wanting to get better and this isn’t half baked information.

Doctors are usually practical people who believe in evidence and facts, so chances are they probably already know about CBD. If your doctor is trying too hard to advise you against it and prescribe you a chemical drug, there might be hidden agendas of profit behind that.

Existing prescriptions

Since you must have tried the existing prescription giving to you by the doctor, you should be aware of how you are going to make the shift and introduce CBD into your routine. You have to discuss with your doctor the options you have and what would be a safe way to go about this.

During the Appointment

Ask Questions

Now that you have decided to consult a doctor about cannabis, there is no holding back. Ask all the possible questions you have about cannabis and your body. The source, dosage, method of consumption for cannabis are some things the doctor can help you with.

What will be the effect on your body if you consume it with some other medicine? Does the doctor know of any studies that could you be of help?

You should leave feeling satisfied knowing that you are not confused about cannabis anymore.

Be transparent

If you have tried using cannabis for medicinal purposes or even recreational, for that matter, you doctor should be aware of your activities. Be truthful even if it seems wrong because there is no point lying to a doctor. You will only be postponing your treatment if you are hiding facts.

For CBD trials, express the effect it had on your body to your doctor and if it is a good effect, say firmly that you want to choose to use it more. You can inquire about where and how can you find a safe, legal outlet that will provide you with the right cannabis.

Talk about your Existing Medication

Tell your doctor why you think the existing medication is not working or suiting you. If there are any side effects, mention those too. Tell him what has convinced you of shifting to medical marijuana and how long has it been since you have been trying to get better.

After the Appointment

If you and your doctor have reached to a conclusion of trying CBD, then you did it!

You now have to figure out the consumption method that would suit you and the dosage amount that your body can take. With CBD, you need to be patient. It takes a while to show effect but when it does is is therapeutical.

If your doctor hasn’t agreed to this method of finding relief, then don’t push them further. He would also have studied enough about it that would have convinced him that maybe now is not the time. You can look for another doctor, if you want. Although, don’t skip an appointment with a doctor before consuming CBD.

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