How To Buy CBD Oil- Buying Guide 101


Making the right decision involves a lot of steps to follow and research to be done. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know before buying CBD Oil.

Check the concentration before buying CBD Oil

Inquire if it is Full Spectrum, broad or isolate before buying CBD Oil

Understand company integration before buying CBD Oil

Find out where the hemp was grown before buying CBD Oil

Extraction methods should be credible before you buy CBD Oil

Testing is a must before you buy CBD Oil

What to beware of when buying CBD Oil?

The new entry of CBD into the market calls for a list of safety measures and protocols that you should be taking before you go to buy CBD Oil. So, here is your CBD Oil Buying Guide which covers everything that you should consider before you buy CBD Oil.

Check The Concentration Before Buying CBD Oil

Most CBD products whether in the form of capsules or tinctures will come with a concentration amount in milligrams.

If you are just starting out then it is recommended you begin with the smallest dosage to understand how your body reacts to CBD. Gradually, you can increase your dosage based on the effectiveness of CBD.

Larger concentrations are known to have the best effect but should be taken only when your body has adjusted to CBD.

To find out more, you must read the blog post we published about the right CBD dosage.

Inquire If It Is Full Spectrum, Broad Or Isolate Before Buying CBD Oil

There are 3 types of CBD products:

Full Spectrum CBD consists of everything that the plant has to offer with minimal amount of THC. It extracts all the terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids and fatty acids that give the entourage effect. They are extremely useful for therapeutic purposes.

Broad Spectrum CBD consists of all the parts of the plants except for THC. If you don’t want any THC then even the 0.03% legally allowed composition of THC is not used in broad spectrum.

Isolate CBD, like the name suggest, consists only cannabidiol. If you want only Pure CBD Oil, this is the product for you.

You can read more about these 3 types of CBD products here: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate.

Understand Company Integration Before Buying CBD Oil

The one major thing you need to look for before buying CBD Oil from a company is where it is producing its hemp from and its CBD Oil extraction methods.

The produce must be organically grown on site and when the produce is ready to become a final product, that process should also be done in-house. This way the company has full control over their product which eliminates the possibility of adulteration. The quality and consistency are monitored and maintained when it is done in-house.

Enquire the companies about where they are growing their produce and if they have been using pesticides.

Also, demand for lab tests.

Find Out Where The Hemp Was Grown Before Buying CBD Oil

The United States usually has CBD derived from organic hemp plants that are legally grown by the farmers. Be fully sure of where the plant is coming from and what are the regulations specific to that state or country.

Only legally and organically produced hemp is of credible quality. If the produce is inorganic then hemp plant is known to absorb chemicals and metals which can possibly end up in your CBD Oil.

Extraction Methods Should Be Credible Before You Buy CBD Oil

If you are looking for high quality full spectrum CBD, then you should check for CO2 extraction method because it ensures that all the necessary parts of the plant are extracted. It is also the most expensive method of extraction because of its intricate process of separation.

Apart from this method, extraction through any solvent such as alcohol is also recommended. If you wish to know more, you must check out our blog post about the CBD extraction processes in detail.

Testing Is A Must Before You Buy CBD Oil

Good brands are regularly testing their products and they prove genuinity by testing from third party sources. All the batches they dispatch must be tested so be sure to check that.

Read reviews and enquire about their testing procedure.

If you are still ambiguous, then you should call the company right away with your set of questions. Most of these brands are available on call for the sole purpose of addressing queries. If they are not confident in their answers then you get your answer.

What To Beware Of When Buying CBD Oil?

There is no contact information provided and they aren’t speaking human-like on the emails, then it is most probably a fraud company.

They are keeping details of where and how their product is made and there is no indication of the dosage, then you shouldn’t buy from them.

If they are not providing any test results or if their produce is not organic then that’s your biggest hint for not trusting the brand.

You are now fully set to look for CBD Oil and then make the right choice.

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