CBD Oil Extraction Methods

CBD Oil Extraction Methods

Find out everything about CBD Oil Extraction that you need to consider before you choose to buy or sell CBD.

What to consider before choosing CBD extraction method

CO2 as a CBD Oil extraction method

Olive Oil as a CBD Oil extraction method

Dry Ice as a CBD Oil extraction method

Solvent as a CBD Oil extraction method

Lipid as a CBD Oil extraction method

What is the best option?

Before you begin with any business or inculcate any new product into your routine, it is essential that you are aware of each and every aspect of it. When it comes to CBD Oil there is no exception. Your research on CBD should involve knowing about its extraction methods because they will have a huge impact on the final product. You should know that you have a choice and you can select products that are derived from the extraction methods that are approved by you. Here is a brief outline of various methods and what effect will they have on your consumption or selling.

What To Consider Before Choosing CBD Oil Extraction Method

Extraction methods rely on certain factors that will help you achieve the best quality of cbd oil.

  • Plant components: If you are looking for full spectrum or broad spectrum then the process of extraction will be slightly different compared to pure cbd isolate. Full spectrum needs all the components of the plant except for THC. These components include terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids etc.
  • THC amount: You will have to consider growing full cannabis or not, depending on the THC amount you want to include in your plant. The extraction methods are different for separating THC from CBD.
  • Feasibility: If you can grow your own farm then there is more scope of experimenting on the extraction methods. If you are outsourcing then you will have to specifically search for farmers that grow cannabis and extract CBD the way you want them to.
  • Expense: Extraction methods can be very expensive which is why you will have to plan your budget and accordingly decide what method can you actually afford and what quality of CBD do you want to sell or buy.

Carbon Dioxide As A Method Of CBD Oil Extraction

This extraction method is divided into 3 categories- supercritical, subcritical and mid-critical. Supercritical is the most prefered method as it uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperature to maintain the purity of CBD Oil.

It is an expensive way to extract and requires a lot of operational learning but the end product is of amazing quality. It is safe, potent and nutritious.

Co2 has been a very effective extracting method even when it comes to separating caffeine from coffee. Most food companies trust and use it frequently. The only drawback to it is that you have to invest a lot- money and qualified chemists.

Olive Oil As A CBD Oil Extraction Method

If you are opting to perform the extraction at home, then olive oil is the best bet for you. You have to heat the plant for a certain amount of time to ensure that its compounds are active.

Once this is done, you have to add olive oil to it and heat it again for an hour or more ( depends on the flame and the quantity). As a result, you will find CBD separated from the whole plant in the oil you receive.

Olive Oil is an extremely safe method of extraction and does not require professional assistance. It is also easy on the pockets as you are spending on buying olive oil. However, it is perishable so it needs to stored in a cool place. This method is only suitable for home extraction and not for large scale production.

Dry Ice As A CBD Oil Extraction Method

This is similar to Olive Oil extraction as it can be done at home but it isn’t all that easy. It works on extraction by freezing the trichome resins and removing them with the help of a mesh bag. You have to place the cannabis plant in a bucket that is half filled with dry ice and let it stay there for about 3-4 minutes.

Turn the bucket and shake it as much as you can to separate the resins through the mesh bag. Use a scraper to remove the hash and place it over a jar. You will find three different components by the end of this process.

Acquiring dry ice can be difficult but this process of extraction is comparatively easy. There isn’t much mess created but there might be a chance of compromised quality.

Solvent As A CBD Oil Extraction Method

Solvent extraction involves using ethanol, alcohol and butane to extract all the cannabinoids from the plant. The advantage of this extraction method with ethanol is that all cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted which makes it very safe for consumption.

Butane is also a very good option for extraction as it is much more stronger than ethanol but it has the probability of hurting the lungs.

You have to heat the liquid eventually to bring it down to only CBD Oil. It is a fairly easy process once you are equipped with all the materials, although it can be dangerous too. There is a possibility of starting a fire if not done correctly.

Lipid As A CBD Oil Extraction Method

This extraction methods makes use of fats or lipids to acquire compounds. You can use coconut oil and watch it absorb all the hemp-derived products.

This method does not involve using harsh solvents or any heavy mechanisms, it is simple and very rarely used.

What Is The Best Option?

This is a very subjective question and depends on what you want to achieve out of your CBD product- quality or affordability?

CO2 extraction would be the best option since it ensures good quality of the product and is done very professionally so it is safe. Full spectrum CBD is the ideal option for people who want to reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant and CO2 extraction provides that.

All products of AWN are extracted through CO2 extraction method and that is what makes them of the highest quality with effective results. You can find our products here.

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