CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

There has been quite a buzz regarding CBD Hemp Oil of late and well, it was about time. You must be aware of how it activates the endocannabinoid system present in mammals, controls appetite, regulates sleep, improves concentration and so on. However, we will not tread on that in this blog post. To read in-depth about CBD, you can head to our blog.

Before you try something, it is best to see how that product has worked out for other people. The end result is what matters because that will help you better in understanding the process. So, here are two stories that our customers have shared with us of their experience of using CBD.

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Alyson Todd, 30 years

I started working at this company, which was my dream job after college. Everything was going well until I gained 40 pounds after going through a heartbreak. At first, I was pulling myself together proving to be strong. Then it got to me, I started eating like never before. I started to get stressed about many things and my head constantly ached.

Soon I was depressed and stayed in that stage for a long time. I weighed 180 pounds, no proper sleep and slowly started to withdraw from my friend groups. My family visited for a spring break, saw my situation and took me to the docs. They immediately put me on drugs. I was very comfortable being miserable in my condition. But, the antidepressants actually started to kick in and I started feeling light-headed throughout the day.

It was like a wake-up call for me, I started to notice my life has changed. I was no longer the person I used to be and I desperately wanted to get back to myself. I wanted to reduce my weight first and follow a clean diet. Unfortunately, I started falling into depression every now and then and it just made me comfortable within the rolled blanket. I didn’t even cry, all I wanted was to stay wrapped inside my blanket. These episodes kept happening even when I tried so hard to get out of it.

When I started to exercise, the first one week went great. I ran and followed my routine. Then I gave up. I could not see any immediate results and felt like it won’t work for me. I saw all the eyes are following me on the street, all the giggles aimed at my overweight body. That is when my friend suggested CBD oil to me. She said it won’t just reduce my weight in a day, but it can help.

So, I started taking two drops in the morning and got back slowly to my workout routine. The first thing I noticed was CBD helped me deal with the stress and depression and calmed me somehow. I was no more anxious the way I used to get around the people. This made me follow my routine regularly.

I had a diet planned before I started with my weight loss journey. It was hard to control my urges for that just-one-tiny bite of cake and a little bit of cream on top. Once I started taking CBD I noticed I was not having a large appetite. It was normal, I started feeling full with the meals that I prepared with the diet in mind and it was enough to satisfy my hunger.

There are few more things which CBD made easy for me. I started to have a sound sleep and woke up fresh. It changed my mood quite a lot and I started to feel good about myself. I am not saying CBD did all the trick. There was a great deal of effort from my side too, CBD was just a catalyst to that.

I am always thankful to my dear friend Becky who was nice to stand by me and suggest me remedies and especially introduce me to CBD. I had done my research before I started using it just to make sure it is not another snake oil scam. Turns out it wasn’t and it really helped me.

I read CBD controls your metabolism, appetite and maybe that is what helped me through my journey to regain my health. I weigh 140  pounds now and still use CBD oil in my diet. Over time, I have switched from 2 drops a day to 5 drops a day one hour before my meal.

Ryan Scott, 29 years

I have always been on the heavier side since I was 7 which eventually led on to be an adulthood obesity. My parents were concerned about my weight gain and were looking at the possibility of health issue that is making me put on weight. However, once we consulted the doctor, he didn’t attribute it to any ailment but instead said that my diet is seriously affecting my energy levels and that should be my focus.

As a child, I followed the routine of diet and exercise for quite some time but later on, I was back to square one. When I entered college, it was really humiliating to not get on any sports team, not because of my weight, but because I got tired too easy. More than the humiliation, the stark reality of it made me low on self esteem. I had a diet planned and a gym membership in hand, the only thing I lacked was motivation.

This is when I read up on CBD and decided to try it for my energy levels at first. I began with the smallest dosage of 25mg and within 2 weeks I had found the right dosage for me. I noticed a change in my appetite and my energy levels. I shifted to positive thinking when I realized that things could change for me.

After a few months, I tried CBD Spray for Weight loss by including it in my daily routine of exercise, cycling and low carb diet. The change was evident, not just to me, to everyone. After a long time, I was feeling elated and lighter (literally). The best part about introducing CBD in my life was to see change in myself which I thought would never happen. In 2 years, from 197 pounds, I came down to 154 pounds.

The one thing I made sure of was that I chose a reputable brand to buy CBD even though it is slightly on the expensive side. I would recommend CBD Spray for weight loss to anyone who wants to lose weight. With the spray, it becomes really easy to consume it.

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