CBD eases Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

CBD eases Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

CBD can help you get better in social situations.

Understanding Anxiety

What are Social Anxiety Disorders

How do Social Anxiety Disorders Affect Life?

Traditional treatment for social anxiety disorders

How can CBD help in the treatment of social anxiety disorders?

Have you ever had an anxiety attack? Sometimes it is hard to talk about such moments and most times it is difficult for a third person to contemplate what you are going through. Anxiety induced actions can happen in a reaction to major life events, sudden and unexpected changes, and for a variety of other reasons.

In a fast-moving world, it can be comforting to remain in your shell of depression but it you need to work on coming out of it, especially when you have a choice. This blog is aimed at making you aware of a natural product that can help you alleviate your stress due to anxiety without any side effects. And no, it’s not a recreational drug, it is just the opposite of it.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety by itself is not a medical condition but a necessary survival instinct. Although anxiety causes distress and discomfort, it is the duration and severity of an anxious feeling that decides if it falls under anxiety disorders. This indicates that not all anxiety reactions are due to an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety turns into social anxiety disorder when anxiety prolongs it stay and the severity of reactions increases. These include social phobia, panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and so on.

A person with a social anxiety disorder can find it tough to face everyday situations. This brings us to the question:

How is social anxiety disorder different from a normal anxiety reaction?  

What are Social Anxiety Disorders

Social anxiety accounts for severe conditions of social phobia. Social anxiety disorder is often considered as mere “shyness” and ignored by many. But, a person with a social anxiety disorder can be pushed into other mental illness very easily. Therefore, it is important to catch it at the earliest.

Social anxiety disorders can be caused by different reasons, genetics being one of them. People with a history of being bullied can build anxiety for social situations. The reactions could be:

  • Blushing, trembling or feeling blank
  • Lowered voice
  • Difficulty in making eye contact
  • Isolating themselves from other people etc…

Social anxiety disorder is reflected mostly in social situations like eating at a public place, delivering a public talk to even meeting eyes with someone.

Although the reasons for such reactions differ from person to person. But, there are few physical symptoms that generally indicate that you’re going through social anxiety disorder. They are:

  • rapid heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty in catching breath etc…

People with social anxiety disorder might experience overwhelming thoughts about how they are being judged by others or if they will be offending someone with their actions or words, and having the utmost perfection in their deeds.

How do Social Anxiety Disorders Affect Life?

Social anxiety disorders if not detected or treated can lead to an extreme level of isolation from all the social situations. This can eventually lead to severe mental conditions of:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of social skills etc…

This can affect his/her personal and professional life. The more someone keeps themselves in these situations, it becomes difficult to come out of it and perform socially.

It becomes difficult for them to hold relationships because they aren’t able to communicate effectively. Even forming social groups that are important to happiness are difficult to indulge and professionally, there is not enough participation which doesn’t get them recognition.

So, is there a treatment for social anxiety disorders?

Traditional Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorders

The first and foremost step for treating social anxiety disorder is the diagnosis. The earlier the detection the better it is for the treatment. The traditional treatment for social anxiety disorders or anxiety itself include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Antidepressants
  • Home remedies etc…

However, most of these medications are directly linked to depression and in most cases, these can come with side effects.  This is where CBD can help with social anxiety disorders in a natural way.

How can CBD help in the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorders

It has been noted that people with social anxiety disorder have an abnormal or irregular neuroactivity. CBD is known to work towards the activation of endocannabinoid receptors which in turn helps in releasing necessary chemicals. These chemicals/substances are capable of neurogenesis in different parts of the brain.

Although the exact mechanism of this pathway by which CBD works is under investigation, CBD is seen to be a great candidate performing well with stress-related problems. This is achieved by increasing hippocampal neurogenesis and lowering serotonin release in the amygdala.

However, CBD works differently from person to person and it is necessary to identify the dosage.

To conclude,

Social anxiety disorders are the result of heightened reactions to social situations. These can affect the quality of life if not treated. It is necessary to seek help rather than fall into an abyss of mental illnesses by ignoring the symptoms.

There are traditional treatment methods available that are used to fight against social anxiety disorders. However, they come with side effects.

CBD is a natural compound that is being considered to help with anxiety and stress related issues. CBD can be helpful in treating social anxiety disorders by consuming in the right dosage.

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