CBD: A Success In Epilepsy Battle

CBD and epilepsy

CBD can be your friend in need when it comes to seizures.

We can start by confirming epilepsy is not an act of evil or demonic possession. Epilepsy, because of its physical symptoms has led to the misconception of the symptoms resembling supernatural powers. Somehow, people blatantly neglect the seriousness of this condition rather try to treat it with faith.

Nevertheless, it’s highly unacceptable to be ignorant of the disease epilepsy because of the (mis)beliefs of the society. There are traditional treatments available to ease the seizures that occur due to epilepsy. CBD, is a natural solution that is risen as potential treatment option to help with epilepsy. In this blog, you can head straight to the following topics:

What is epilepsy

Causes of epilepsy

Traditional treatments

CBD for epilepsy

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is caused due to the dysfunctioning of neurons in different parts of the brain. It is a disease that can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender or social status. However, it is found mostly in young adults and older population of an age above 50. Epilepsy is characterized by seizures that occur for a few seconds to minutes. In some cases, it can be followed by losing awareness or becoming unconscious.

Epilepsy can be categorised based on different  parameters. Even though its symptoms and effects vary from person to person, there are few common trends with regard to the part of the brain affected.

Seizures caused by epilepsy can last anywhere between a few seconds to minutes, depending on the person. These seizures can be chronic, but for some it can occur irregularly. For some, the aftereffects can include paralysis, and it can last between 15 hours to days. Once the person is relieved from the post seizure effects, everything goes back to normal.

Causes of Epilepsy

There are a range of causes that can lead to epilepsy. Few of them are:

  • Genetics
  • Brain trauma
  • Head injuries
  • Developmental issues
  • Infectious diseases and so on.

It is often found that people with a risk of stroke also form seizures. Age, brain injuries, family history are also a few of the risk factors that can lead to epilepsy.

CBD for epilepsy

Traditional Treatments

The traditional treatments for epilepsy include

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Implants

Even though the epilepsy is not completely cured, these medications can help with handling the seizures. These treatments are personalised for each patient depending on different parameters.

There are many drugs available in the market today that can help with seizures and many have proven to be effective. It depends how these mediations work for each individual and so are their side effects. Side effects caused by these drugs again vary from person to person, and it is important to decide on the drug accordingly.

Another treatment method is surgery. Surgery also depends on the type of epilepsy the patient is facing. This is recommended mostly after finding out a person being unresponsive to existing drugs.

There are other methods that use implants which are useful in regulating the brain signals. All these treatment methods help in controlling the seizures and are personalized according to the type of epilepsy.  

Can CBD Help With Epilepsy?

The story of Charlotte, an infant diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome is a milestone in the use of CBD for epilepsy. Dravet’s syndrome is considered as a rare form of epilepsy and Charlotte’s case was one of the worst situations to handle. Having to go through multiple seizures a day, the life of Charlotte was getting destabilised at a very early age. At the age of five, she was brought back to normal life with the help of CBD based treatment and her success story is just another example to why we should focus more about CBD’s role as a medicine.

In the following years, there was an increase in scientific studies on the efficiency of CBD in the treatment of different forms of epilepsy. It gives hope since majority of them end on a positive note supporting the use of CBD for epilepsy treatment. There is an increase in the number of doctors and researchers suggesting benefits of medical marijauna for epilepsy.  

CBD is a chemical component that is extracted from the marijuana plant but doesn’t consist of any psychoactive properties like THC, another compound present in the marijuana plant. Epidiolex is rather a new drug that has been approved by the FDA for its use in two different rare forms of epilepsy. Epidiolex consists of purified form of CBD which can help with seizures. You can read the press release from FDA about this here.  

Although the exact mechanism behind how CBD works in the brain to ease seizures is not clear, it sure helps with even the rare cases of epilepsy. CBD performs to give better results in many neurological disorders owing to its properties such as activating endocannabinoid system, neuroprotective effect, antiinflammatory properties and stimulating neurogenesis. Since the root cause of epilepsy can be traced back to dysfunctional neurons in the brain, these properties of CBD promote a healthy functioning neurological system.

CBD, being a natural compound has less side effects as compared to other medications. However, ascertaining the correct dosage is dependant on the person’s tolerance to CBD. Also, it is important to judge the quality of the CBD you will be consuming.

In conclusion,

Epilepsy is a disease that is caused by the abnormal neuro-activities in the brain. It is characterized by seizures that can occur to the person who is suffering from epilepsy. There are different methods to treat epilepsy which include drugs, surgery and medical implants.

CBD provides a natural solution to cope up with seizures with less side effects. Even though the pathway of CBD interaction with brain cells are unknown, it is proven to show positive results in the treatment of epilepsy.

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