Is CBD oil a placebo

Is CBD A Placebo Effect?

With the boom of CBD products, the golden question is if CBD oil is all a placebo effect. CBD comes in different forms nowadays, from tinctures to bath bombs. With many benefits, disease-specific and overall wellness, CBD is ruling the market with its different versions. When it comes to CBD for health conditions, there are […]

cbd doesn't do to you

5 Things CBD Doesn’t Do To You

Debunking myths and speaking scientifically relevant information regarding CBD. When there is a discovery, there are also millions spinning tales out of this discovery for their own benefit. The internet and a million years of misconception with regard to CBD have made it close to impossible to distinguish reality from myth. Finding the correct information […]

Medical Marijuana Card

What is a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card is important for patients who regularly use cannabis for the treatment of their health conditions. The popularity of medical marijuana has spread expeditiously across the US and naturally, a set of laws were put in place for it. The question about its legality (link: is CBD legal?)  is now put to rest […]

Why do doctors hesitate to prescribe CBD Hemp Products

Why Do Doctors Hesitate To Prescribe CBD Hemp Products?

CBD has shown to have great medicinal properties. But, even today, after the legalization of CBD, doctors hesitate to prescribe the hemp products to their patients. In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few reasons why this might be happening and how you can ask your doctor about adding CBD into your […]

CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

There has been quite a buzz regarding CBD Hemp Oil of late and well, it was about time. You must be aware of how it activates the endocannabinoid system present in mammals, controls appetite, regulates sleep, improves concentration and so on. However, we will not tread on that in this blog post. To read in-depth […]

An imbalanced endocannabinoid system, Does it matter

An Imbalanced Endocannabinoid System, Does It Matter?

We may find ourselves technologically advanced but looking back at our ancestors, we’ll realize we have a far way to go in terms of understanding and utilizing natural resources. They did something right about using cannabis for curing a variety of ailments. It says a lot about their understanding in the medical field and it […]

CBD for Overdose

Cannabis Overdose: What is the Right Treatment

Finding the right remedy for a cannabis overdose is important because your body is already undergoing a lot of changes. CBD can help with reducing dependence. The difference between CBD and Marijuana CBD is not Addictive CBD Tolerance Level Can You Overdose on CBD What is Too Much CBD How To Consume CBD A popular […]

Doctor for Cannabis

How to talk to your doctor about Cannabis or CBD oil

Let’s not assume we are doctors because let’s face it- we don’t have a medical degree. Consult your doctor before you start consuming cannabis as they do have a medical prowess. The legalisation of marijuana, mainly CBD, has set the medical industry drawing different parallels. It has proved to be an effective relief solution for […]

CBD for Athletes

CBD: Why So Popular With Athletes

Sports, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming and Exercise have found a new drug, which is anything but a drug: CBD. What is CBD? Is CBD Allowed for Athletes? Benefits of CBD for Athletes CBD: Popular with Athletes This isn’t the first time you must be reading about how beneficial CBD is and how many people are using […]