Cannabis Dosing – How To Decide It Right

Cannabis Dosing – How To Decide It Right

There is a very popular saying- Too much of anything is bad. When this quote is applied to CBD dosage, we couldn’t agree more. The most complicated and careful choice you have to make when using CBD is its dosage level.

CBD is relatively a new concept in the health market and it attracts a lot of misconceptions due to its roots in the cannabis plant. Therefore, choosing CBD becomes a difficult choice but choosing the right dosage is an even more difficult choice.

Why Is It So Important To Get The Right Cannabis Dosing?

The CBD market is emerging and there is yet to be a complete disclosure about its effects. Doctors cannot prescribe CBD yet because there isn’t a universally acceptable dosage assigned. Hence, they can only “recommend” CBD.

Here are 7 points you should take into consideration while deciding the right cannabis dosing for yourself:

1. Know That It Does Not Promise The Cure

The biggest misconception people carry is that CBD is a miracle drug and it can “cure” whatever is troubling them. Let us reaffirm that CBD “helps” in the treatment of your ailments. The research on its long-term effects and treatment techniques is still processing and hence it can’t be called a cure for life.

Although we have seen numerous life-changing examples that people have experienced after using CBD products, according to the law, we still can’t “claim” that CBD is a “cure” for any health conditions.

When you start with the CBD dosage, don’t expect it to magically heal you in one week of taking it. With CBD, you need to form a long-term relationship and trust it to help in your treatment. It takes a little while to arrive on the dosage most suitable for you which is why you might see its effects much later.

2. The Capacity Of A Person

Our earlier blog posts have an elaborate explanation of the endocannabinoid system. This system is present in our body and is responsible for regulating and maintaining our physical as well as mental health.

The research on this topic is ongoing, but there is one thing we know for sure- The endocannabinoid system is different in every individual. Hence, despite all the guidelines on the packaging and pieces of advice, there is no proper way to determine what would be the ideal dosage for every single person. So, you will first have to understand your own capacity, weight, the concentration of CBD and your body’s reaction to CBD.

3. Genetic History And General Health

The way a doctor or pharmacist inquires about your medical history and if there is any ongoing medication, similarly, CBD also demands the same answers.

Once this is taken into consideration, the question arises of your family’s health history. Genetics are very powerful and there might be cases where you don’t find any symptoms of your ancestor’s health issue but they still exist.

Hence, it’s important you are aware of your family health history and be careful with what would trigger it.

Moving on to the most important question, what is your reason for taking CBD? While one person may be taking it for epilepsy, the other might be taking it for insomnia. Both are very different ailments and their dosage depends on the gravity of the problem. Your reason for taking CBD massively affects the decision of dosage.

4. Choose A Brand You Trust

Just the way you would trust a particular toothpaste brand more over the others, you should find a CBD brand that reaches your expectations.

Your parameters can be quality, pricing, effectiveness or popularity for judging which brand can be trusted. The process of your treatment becomes easier when you are not worried about the CBD oil you will be consuming. A lot of our healing process depends on our psychological state and thinking, so surround yourself with trusted doctors, colleagues, friends and brands.

5. How To Take The Right Cannabis Dosing

These are just guidelines based on experiences and trials. These steps are so far the safest method we have come across.

Step 1: To begin, start with one drop of CBD oil a day. Be cognitive of how your body is reacting to it and notice even if there are the slightest changes.

Step 2: If all goes well, you can increase your dosage by 2 drops a day for the first 2-3 weeks. Don’t take these drops together; have them at different timings with meals. This will help you assess if CBD is helping with any of your ailment symptoms.

Step 3: If there is a negative effect, then stop taking the drops gradually with a doctor’s consultation. If there is no change, then increase the dosage at a very steady rate. Every individual is different; hence you should be well aware of what’s good for your body.

6. Consult A Doctor For All Your Queries

There is no such thing annoying when you are calling a doctor to inquire about CBD or anything that you are undergoing. It is best to get answers to all your questions instead of spiraling them in your head. A healthy mind is essential for a healthy body. So, don’t hesitate in asking your doctor a million times if your dosage is correct.

Since the long-term effect of CBD is slightly ambiguous its best to keep the doctor in the loop of how you are taking it and how it is helping in your treatment.

7. Overdose Of CBD Is Impossible

Even though the research for long-term benefits of CBD is still going on, we assure you that there is absolutely no way you can overdose on CBD. There won’t be any doctor prescribing a very high dosage but it’s better to be informed about the right cannabis dosing.

If you are on CBD high dosage for a long period of time then you must be careful of some risks of low blood pressure, dry mouth etc. There is also no possibility of getting high because the good CBD products do not contain a huge amount of THC which is a psychoactive part of the cannabis plant responsible for making you high.


These are a set of guidelines we have derived from testimonials and vast positive results.
When it comes to quality, legal measures and reasonable pricing, AllWithNature excels in all of its products. You can find them here.

We have defined the CBD dosage for all our products specifically, as listed below-

Dosage for CBD Oil 350mg – 11.6 MG
Dosage for CBD Oil 500mg – 11.6 MG
Dosage for CBD Oil 1000mg – 33.3 MG
Dosage for CBD Oil 1500mg – 50 MG
Dosage for CBD Spray 500mg – 16.7 MG
(Spray for weight loss, pain relief, energy and anti-stress)

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