Can CBD be helpful for cancer patients?

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases that have carved out many lives in our society in the past decades. CBD is a potential remedy for cancer but the researchers are still in its early stages. This blog post is not to claim CBD will completely cure Cancer, but to let you know there’s hope.

It is a well-known fact that the cannabis plant helps with the treatment of different types of cancer. More studies have taken place on THC, the psychedelic compound present in the cannabis plant and its association with cancer treatment. The cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant helps cancer patients with the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Nausea
  • Appetite issues
  • Cancer prevention

CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. When it comes to cancer treatment, the cannabinoids work collectively to give the best result. However, studies focusing on CBD show great potential for curing cancer both as an independent drug and as an add-on to the traditional anti-cancer drugs.

Traditional cancer medicacation like chemotherapy and radiation therapy comes with many harmful side effects. Cannabis therapy, where CBD, a cannabinoid from the cannabis, helps to deal with these side effects.

CBD And Pain Relief

Cancer patients deal with a lot of pain owing to both disease condition and the cancer treatment. Pain from cancer can arise due to the pressure on internal organs, inflammation, and injuries in the nervous system. The cancer treatment using drugs that are toxic to normal cell lines can also cause a great amount of pain.

The traditional painkillers have a limitation when it comes to relieving such severe pain. The cannabinoids can help in relieving the pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. CBD activates the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system and helps reduce the inflammation. By dealing with inflammation this way helps the patient to be relieved from the pain.

When it comes to pain relief in cancer, it is necessary to point out the role of THC too. THC also helps with pain relief by activating CB1 receptors which in turn helps with the nerve damage leading to pain relief. Both CBD and THC work in different ways to bring about this result.

CBD And Nausea

Nausea and vomiting is a common trait when it comes to cancer and its treatment. Depending on the individual, It can be regular nausea to vomiting, both of which are difficult to cope up on a daily basis. Nausea for cancer patients can be an anticipated one, from the fear of treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

CBD and other cannabinoids can help with this condition to control the situation. CBD which can interact with the endocannabinoid system and activate the receptors can help alleviate these feelings.

The studies on the mechanism of how CBD works to alleviate are still in its laboratory stage. But, the results from the home trials, especially from cancer patients in this regard is promising.

CBD And Appetite Issues

The drugs used in cancer treatment can adversely affect the appetite and result in an undesired weight loss. Nausea and loss of appetite that arise from cancer treatment contribute to this situation. The phytocannabinoids can help with stimulating appetite and help regain a balance.

CBD, especially, out of the other cannabinoids present in the cannabinoid plant, is known for its ability to help with the appetite issues. Other cannabinoids also help in stimulating appetite and therefore consumption of the complete plant material is preferred over the isolates.

CBD And Cancer Prevention

Other than helping with the complementary therapy for cancer, studies show a great potential of cannabinoids in cancer treatment. These properties include slowing down the growth of cancer cells, inhibiting the formation of blood cells that nurture the tumor, silencing some of the related genes and inducing apoptosis of cancer cells.

Some of the studies show mixed results when it comes to cancer cure by the cannabis plant materials. However, more detailed studies are yet to be performed in this area. Some of the promising studies show an effective role of THC and CBD in cancer treatment.

CBD is seen as a potential candidate in the inhibition of breast cancer cell proliferation. It may also help with preventing metastasis and tumor growth. There is also a postulation that CBD can silence the expression of ID-1 gene, which is seen to be expressed in different types of cancer.

CBD can also work alongside other traditional anti-cancer drugs and the combination can help reduce the dosage to get the maximum effect of the drug. One of the main problems of traditional medicine is its harmful effect on the normal cells and this can be reduced with this association.

Studies on THC reveal its effect on cancer cells to slow down its growth rate and selective destruction of tumor cells.

Ending Note…

Additionally, both CBD and THC induce apoptosis in some cases of cancer, which gives hope to the future of cancer treatment using this plant-based medication.

It is difficult to come to a complete conclusion without further studies on the role of CBD and other cannabinoids in cancer treatment. However, from what we can get from the past studies and experiences of cancer patients, CBD shows immense potential to be a natural cure for many symptoms and the disease condition of cancer.

The best part of using CBD in cancer treatment and its complementary treatment is the lack of harmful side effects. Let’s hope for more advanced research on CBD as a potential candidate for cancer treatment in the near future.

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