Does CBD Oil Help Relieve Migraines

Does CBD Oil Help Relieve Migraines?

The extreme throbbing in your head triggered by a coffee or chocolate or almost anything is the most horrible thing to happen at a workplace or seminar. The pain only magnifies and affects your work if not attended to immediately. The sound of clicking pen or the flashlight of a phone is bound to aggravate […]

Medical Marijuana Card

What is a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card is important for patients who regularly use cannabis for the treatment of their health conditions. The popularity of medical marijuana has spread expeditiously across the US and naturally, a set of laws were put in place for it. The question about its legality (link: is CBD legal?)  is now put to rest […]

Can CBD be helpful for cancer patients?

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases that have carved out many lives in our society in the past decades. CBD is a potential remedy for cancer but the researchers are still in its early stages. This blog post is not to claim CBD will completely cure Cancer, but to let you […]

Does CBD Help With Menstrual Cramps

Does CBD Help With Menstrual Cramps?

We all know the feeling of slight disappointment when it is that time of the month again. It is definitely a wonderful feeling to know that you are getting regular periods but it can be an extremely  exhausting with the pain, cramps, PMS and so on. You are in your bed with a craving for […]

Why do doctors hesitate to prescribe CBD Hemp Products

Why Do Doctors Hesitate To Prescribe CBD Hemp Products?

CBD has shown to have great medicinal properties. But, even today, after the legalization of CBD, doctors hesitate to prescribe the hemp products to their patients. In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few reasons why this might be happening and how you can ask your doctor about adding CBD into your […]

CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

CBD Hemp Oil Weightloss Stories

There has been quite a buzz regarding CBD Hemp Oil of late and well, it was about time. You must be aware of how it activates the endocannabinoid system present in mammals, controls appetite, regulates sleep, improves concentration and so on. However, we will not tread on that in this blog post. To read in-depth […]

CBD Hemp Oil for sleep

Can CBD Hemp Oil Restore Natural Sleep Cycle?

CBD Hemp Oil could help you regularise your sleep pattern and help you sleep better. Importance of Sleep Cycle What Affects Sleep Cycle How does CBD Hemp Oil Help How To Use CBD Hemp Oil for Sleep The word “cannabis” has been around for the longest time and it has yet to record any fatal […]


Can CBD Hemp Oil be a natural treatment for PCOS

A natural and effective option of CBD Hemp Oil for PCOS, if applied in daily routine, could help ease the symptoms. What is PCOS Causes, Symptoms, and Implications of PCOS What is CBD Hemp Oil How does CBD Hemp Oil work for PCOS How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for PCOS Ovarian affecting syndromes and […]

An imbalanced endocannabinoid system, Does it matter

An Imbalanced Endocannabinoid System, Does It Matter?

We may find ourselves technologically advanced but looking back at our ancestors, we’ll realize we have a far way to go in terms of understanding and utilizing natural resources. They did something right about using cannabis for curing a variety of ailments. It says a lot about their understanding in the medical field and it […]