Our Leadership

The aim of providing natural alternatives to harsh chemical compositions of over the counter drugs is the driving force behind All Natural Way.


German Espitia founded All Natural Way. He is passionate about creating products, growing companies to their full potential and bringing out the best in each individual he works with in order to achieve their goals.

He is all geared up to take CBD to every household and help everyone in the world suffering with health issues to find a natural alternative to improve their lives.

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Natural Farmland, Not A Greenhouse

The All Natural Way farm belongs to one of the founders who has had it in his family for generations. It has been nurtured exceptionally well which makes fresh water available at all times. We cultivate at a higher than sea levels so the greenhouse is always cold and we have a specialised genetics team on board that discover ways in which cannabis seeds can be grown better.

Working With Scientists

Our association with scientists helps us understand the technicalities of growing cannabis and the correct way of extracting CBD. We educate ourselves more and more each day because of these wonderful scholars with us:

Dr Juan Ignacio Romero Romo
Head of Scientific Research at AllNaturalWay

He is the director of Pain and Palliative Care Clinic in Queretaro, Mexico. He was the first Mexican doctor to introduce morphine and he has an experience of 35 years in providing medical cannabis treatment. He has a strong global presence because of his participation on international panels about cannabis discussions.

Dr. Juan Carlos Restrepo
Senior Advisor: Medical Science

A doctor from Harvard with a strong devotion to developing a cannabis medicine, he is also the co founder of Medillin Clinic which practices cannabis for 15000 patients.

Dr. Juan David Vellez
Animal Test Specialist

He is a PHD in Animal Genetics and is currently the Director of the animal genetics department at Universidad Equina de Columbia.

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